May 7, 2022

Databases reimagined— what’s changed?


Inaccessible information isn’t usable. Tasks, notes, personal goals, work goals — this information needs to be easy to find, referenced in multiple places, and visualized whatever way helps you be more productive.


Notion databases make this possible, but there’s always room for improvement. So we reimagined databases from the ground up, and now they’re more powerful than ever.

Here’s what’s new

If you’re like us, you use databases for just about everything — managing meeting notes, projects, documentation and more. In this guide we’ll break down what’s new with databases, and how you can make the most of them — on your own, or with a team.
Here’s what’s new with databases:
1. Quick filters — make it easy to limit the items you see in a database view, and any changes you make to filters and sorts of shared database views won’t affect other people on the team until you click Save for everyone. 2. Select a data source — now when you create a new database or view, you’ll see an option to select a data source, making it easy to include synced content from other databases in your workspace. 3. Streamlined design — find all your customization options like filters, sorts, groupings, and more, in one View options menu. Plus, quickly access your views by switching between tabs at the top of your database. Fewer clicks between you and displaying information in whatever way makes sense to your brain.